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Prefect Duty

Posted on 2006.06.06 at 09:17
*Still annoyed at the way the rota has turned out, Meda waits for Dolohov by the door of the Great Hall. Part of her hopes he won't turn up. She wonders again why they have been put on duty together - their mutual dislike is common knowledge among teachers thanks to one or two unfortunate hexing incidents. It isn't like she wants to spend the whole shift getting off with Ted, but there are plenty of prefects who wouldn't be so bad to spend an evening with. She reasons that the size of the castle will at least give them plenty of opportunities to get away from each other.*

((OOC: thread may contain sexual content))



Posted on 2006.05.30 at 12:50
Anyone got this week's prefect rota?

((OOC: Jami - maybe it would be 'fun', in the slightly twisted sense, to mix up the prefect rota so Meda and Dolohov had to do a tour of duty together and get through it without killing each other? ~N))


Defence class (open to all Y5)

Posted on 2006.05.16 at 08:44
*Meda is sitting in the front row of the class, barely bothering to take notes because, quite frankly, she has been defending herself against the dark arts all her life and knows the counters for curses this new teacher would be horrified to find out existed. Thinks she could probably teach Defence herself when she's old enough, although the family would be horrified.*



Posted on 2006.05.11 at 14:43
It's too quiet around here.


Note to Remus - PRIVATE

Posted on 2006.04.22 at 11:34
I know you are angry with Sirius for telling me your secret. I guess you have a right to be. But I thought I should let you know that there is no way I would tell anyone - not that many people would believe me if I did, but anyway. I wouldn't.

*Had been hoping to spend a bit of time with Ted during this shift, but they have agreed to split up briefly for an initial tour of the castle - apart from the vicinity of Slytherin, which would just be suicide to do alone.* *Looks around* Hmm, all quiet so far. Hope this isn't the calm before the storm. *Thinks: it would be just like certain people to make my first shift into a disaster.* *Places her hand on her wand, although she is not allowed to use magic as a punishment. Still, it makes her feel a bit safer*


Private note

Posted on 2006.04.19 at 09:07
Severus - can I have a word?


Almost relieved to be back at school

Posted on 2006.04.13 at 17:22
Summer was good in parts, not in others. It was lovely to get so many owls from Ted, especially as I know he has other things on his mind. of course I had to be a bit discreet in opening the letters, but that's to be expected And I almost recovered my relationship with my sisters, which hadn't been at its best.

And then Sirius ran away. And all hell broke loose. Of course the family was completely divided over this - Bella sided with Sirius' parents, of course, so did Mother and Father although I don't think they are totally convinced. I tried to argue his case, but no-one would listen except to shout me down. (well, except Uncle Alphard, but no-one listens to him either...) Cissy didn't say anything, really, but I can see it affected her. Regulus, I don't know about. He isn't the happy little boy he was, that's for sure. Then the issue of my choice of friends came up, and - well, anyone who knows my family can imagine. Plus Bella and Rodolphus keep disappearing - working in Rodolphus' family business is their story, but they won't say what work they're doing.

So being back at school is a bit of a relief, which it has never been before. Maybe I'm turning into a real Ravenclaw? I get to see Ted again, and Sirius, and all my other friends who I couldn't write to because Mother started reading my mail after Sirius left. (she also intercepted a very sloppy letter Cissy - sorry, Cissa got from Wilkes, which serves everyone involved right) Plus, I'm a prefect - that's a bit scary, but mostly I'm happy about it. Ted is one as well, so we get to patrol together...